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Madden NFL 18: New Features And Reviews
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EA's Madden NFL 18 delivers more than a new part of the football series. Graphics and career mode reinvent the game.

The long wait has finally come to an end: With the release of EA Sports' Madden NFL 18, the start of the NFL season is finally coming. Before the Superbowl Winners 2017, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Co. will be honored again, we have already ventured out on the field and looked more closely at the new version of the football classic.

Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers: Electronic Arts has also reunited all the top NFC and NFC players in Madden NFL 18, and has also been very playful in its predecessor. The gameplay was only refined to Madden 17 and readjusted. So there is still the possibility of performing a deception maneuver with the Offense ballooning player, and can choose to play a complete match only in the offense, only in the defense, or only in some situations that are relevant to the outcome of the game ,

These moves have only been refined, which is particularly evident when steering the teams. Everything is made more sharply, the swaying and stopping is gone, whereby the individual moves become even more realistic.

New Engine

An important detail has also been taken over by Madden NFL 18: The well-placed NFC and AFC teams are also much better off in the game version, but they can still be defeated tactically by skillful and clever tricks. This is possible by switching to the Frostbite engine. The tackles are no longer so powerful, which makes the kind of contact between the players now more decisive.

Hardness, speed, and the angle of the tackle impact now play a key role in making a good turn, killing the opponent and thus making a few yards good. The animations also look better and much more authentic. However, there are occasional ruckers in the races of the players, but you can overlook them.

It's All About Timing

In addition to the new game styles "Simulation" and "Competitive", beginners can now also activate "Arcade Mode". This makes the games much more spectacular. In addition, EA Sports has greatly reduced the frequent blocking of extra points, which means that the timing is very important.

Another feature at Madden 18 is the "Play Now Live" feature, which allows one to play the best NFL matchups of the current season. In addition, you always get the latest Roster in franchise mode. Unfortunately, this feature has not yet been tested in our test because the NFL Kick-Off has not yet taken place.

The Story Mode

The absolute novelty for all Madden NFL 18 fans is the "Story Mode". In it, the role of a young quarterback named Devin Wade, who is in the casting now "Longshot" with other quarterbacks fighting to be included in the NFL Draft. In some places you have the possibility to influence the dialogues, but the beginning and the end of the scene are predetermined.

In part, the approximately five hour long story unfortunately reminds very much of a teeny Hollywood film, because he manages despite sympathetic characters not without typical destiny. The simple storyline is only enhanced by the really good portrayal of the famous actors and football stars, such as Oscar winner Mahershala Ali as Devins father or Rus Blackwell as NFL couch.

Nice Variety

It is also disappointing that you only spend almost a quarter of the time on the field and therefore has no real opportunity to train with the emerging football star. Thanks to the Frostbite engine, the mimic and gesture of the virtual actors are very impressive.

In general, it is a nice change to the classic gameplay and the story is interesting and emotionally designed, yet it is rather uninteresting for players who prefer to be on the field.


Madden is one of the games I really look forward to every year with great anticipation. And also this year the game absolutely did not disappoint me. The little improvements to Madden 17 make the whole game play much more interesting, smoother and fun. Apart from the small jerks that you can see, the new engine is really well done.

The new gameplay also enriches the game and brings a lot more possibilities. The new story mode has honestly told me less enthusiastically, since the story itself is super-told and well done, but I prefer to be with my favorite team in the field, instead of sitting up just next to the rise of a young quarterback.

However, the long download marathon gets a big minus point before you can make the first kick at all. Hobby gamblers, who only play from time to time, will quickly lose their lust. All in all, the new Madden has really succeeded and has made the ideal improvements for a new game adventure. And now excuse me, I have to show Tom Brady how to play football right now. Do you want to buy cheap Madden 18 coins quicker for your game? If you do, you can visit Madden-Store to have more guides and methods about this. Also, Madden-Store is the professional Madden coins sales store, you are free to purchase from our site if you need. We believe that you can receive the best service!



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